Synodal Commission for Youth

Synod of Bishops held in 2015 January decided to form a Commission for Youth. Since 2011 SMYM was working under the Syro Malabar Laity Commission as one of its organizations .It was clear that the constant request of the SMYM, in the previous sessions of the Synod, to have a Commission for the youth was duely considered by the Bishops. Major Archbishop appointed Mar Joseph Pandarsseril as the Commission Chairman and Mar Jose Puthenveetil and Mar Ephrem Nariculam as the Commission Members .It was really a true concern and hope of the Synod of Bishops towards the Youth of the Church.Fr.Joseph Alencheril was appointed as the Secretary to the Commmission for Youth by the Youth Commission



Bishop Joseph Pandarasseril

Bishop Jose Puthenveettil

Bishop Ephrem Nariculam

Rev. Fr. Jacob Chakkathra


Comission for Youth
Mount St Thomas, P.B No. 3110, Kakkanad P.O., Kochi 682 030, India

The First meeting of the Youth Directors and Animators on 16th of March 2011 inaugurated by Mar Bosco Puthur at Mount st.Thomas

Youth commission Office

11th of January 2016 was an important and ever memorable day in the history of SMYM. It was on that day the Major Arch Bishop George Cardinal Alencherry, in the presence of more than twenty Arch bishops and bishops,priests and youth blessed the office of the youth commission at mount St.Thomas.It was a great landmark in the history of SMYM. The election of representatives from SMYM to KCYM to the next Secretariate was conducted on 15th of January 2016.Mr.Sijo Elanthoor(President),Justin and Tessy (Secretaries)were elected unanimously . On 20th of February 2016 Fr. Sebastian Kaippanplackal, Secretary to the Commission for Youth, took charge at the Youth Commission office at Mount St.Thomas with stay at St.Josephs Church, Kalamassery.

Youth Consultation

In connection with the Major Archiepiscopal Assembly a consaltative meetng of the youth representatives of the proper territory was convened at Mount St. thomas on 3rd of May 2016 to discuss the Lineamenta of the Assembly .80 youth particcipated and the themes of the Assembly such as simplicity, family and problems of the migrants were presented and creative involvements were made by youth. On 30th of March 2016 the final version of the Anthem and Emblem of SMYM were ready to be published. Sri. Antony Alappattu, a wellknown poet and author of several books wrote the lyric of the Anthem and Mr. Aju George,famous graphic designer, who runs a designing institute at Banglore, drew the emblem

Formation of Syro Malabar Youth Apostolate

The Committee had several sittings with bishop discussing over the name, bye-law and the nature of the new youth movement. The Syro Malabar Youth Apostolate was proposed to be the name. The name SMYA was proposed because it was meant to include all the youth organizations at the time in our church but limitting to the age of youth at 30. On the 9th of September 2011 the organizing committee was held at Ernakulam Archbishops house which was presided over by Mar Sebastian Edayanthrath.It was mainly meant to design the future programme and the bylaw for SMYA .It was also decided to formulate an adhoc committee consisting of representatives both from within and without Kerala.

Formation of Adhoc Committee

Following the guidelines of the former meeting held on 9th of September2011 Youth,directors and animators representatives were selected, in consultation with Mar Sebastian Edayanthrath, to form an Adhoc Committee from various dioceses. Two meetings of the adhoc committee,on 14th of January 2012 and 26th of May 2012, were held at Renewal center, Ernakulam, discussing on the basic form of the bye law. Many suggestions were given by the commiittee. Youth gatherings and discussions for the formation of the bye law was considered to be a need and Fr.Sebastian Kaippanplackal was asked to take the necessary steps to convene the meetings with proper information.


Syro Malabar Church has more than 12 lakhs of youth scattered all over the world but yet we did not have a common platform to gather them. The Laity Commission took up the initiatives from 2011 onwards to bring our youth into a single platform. In March 2011 a co ordination committee was created under the name SMYA-Syro Malabar Youth Apostolate for the youth ministry of our church.The term Apostolate was added to the name with a vision of stewarding all the youth movements prevelent in various eparchies under a single umbrella of the church. Efforts were continued for consecutive 3years and at last the Syro Malabar Youth Movement (SMYM)was formed, with the approval of the Synod of Bishops, as the official Youth Movement of the Syro Malabar Church,which was officially commenced on 30th of August 2014.

National Syro Malabr youth conference

Election of Representatives to KCYM

On 12th of January 2015 the election camp was held at Mount St.Thomas to elect those representatives of Syro Malabar Church to KCYM Secretariate. Each diocese was allowed to send five representaives each to participate in the election camp.Three representatives,namely Jerry Paulose -Vice President, Sijo Ambattu-General Secretary and Naijo - Secretary,were unanimously elected by the diocesan representatives.The expected vacant post from the Malankara Church was filled up by electing Antochan Antony by the electoral body

The Final Discussion of Bylaw in the Province level.

The final version of the bylaw, Anthem and Emblem were presented to the Directors,Animators and Youth of different provinces of the proper territory and were discussed. On 16th of June the Malabar Regional meeting and discussions were conducted at Sandesh Bhavan, Thalassery at 4pm and ended up with supper at 9pm. Representatives from Thalassery, Bhadravathi, Mananthavady and Thamarassery participated in the meeting with innovative ideas and remarks.The meeting was guide by Mar Joseph Pandarasseril.. On 25 th of June a meeting of the bylaw discussion was held at BLM Irinjalakkuda. Thrissur and and Irinjalakuda dioceses participated in the meeting. Kanjirappilly Amal Jyothi College hosted the meeting for the Changanacherry province on 16th of July 2016 at 10 am onwards.Changanacherry, Kottayam, Palai and Kanjirappilly participated in the meeting. In the evening a meeting was held at Karimpan St .George Church for Idukki Diocese.It was decided to include the apt sugestions to the bylaw.


The importance of the youth is increasing day by day. By 2020 one among the ten youth of the world will be an Indian.This is true in the case of Syro Malabar Youth too.So the concern and encouragement to be given to our youth is of immense importance.Yoth commission and SMYM are two remarkable land marks in the history of the Syro Malabar Youth Ministry.But it is in the begining step where we all together have to travel with the youth a lot before we sleep.The words of encouragement and the cooperation of bishops in the implimentaion of the vision and mission of the SMYM is of great importance.The initiatives taken by major Archbishop Mar George Cardinal Alenchery to bring all the youth of the Church under a single umbrella surpasses words.We are also proud of the Commission members and their sweat and tears shed for the Youth Ministry all these days.We also express our heartfelt gratitude to all Bishops for what they have been to us.

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