Office for Syro-Malabar Dalit Vikas Society


Bishop Mar Sebastian Vaniyapurackal

Rev. Fr. Siju Azhakath MST


The Office of SDVS
Mount St Thomas, P.B No. 3110, Kakkanad P.O., Kochi 682 030, India

People of Dalit Caste

Dalit people were considered as a group of people who belonged to the lowest strata of the old and deep-rooted Indian caste system. Though the caste system is on its way to eradication, the people who belonged to this group are very much in need of additional support to rectify the effects of deprivation they suffered for several centuries.

Dalit Christians

Dalit Christians are the people who adopted Christianity. Dalit people miss their special privileges, schemes and reservations from the government of India, once they adapt to Christianity. Close to 5% of the total population of the Syro Malabar Church is Dalit converts. The Catholic community from time to time has identified this anomaly and organised multiple programmes and activities to elevate them to the mainstream society.

Syro Malabar Church and the empowerment of Dalit Christians

The Church has made remarkable contributions towards envisaging activities that could support their daily needs including food, dwelling places, clothing, primary education etc. Help groups within the Catholic communities at Parish and Diocesan level do an excellent job in supporting the Dalit people, including their support for the primary education.

Establishment of Syro Malabar Dalit Vikas Society (SDVS)

It is the Syro Malabar Synod of January 2017 that recognised the need for a society that would empower the Dalit Community through professional studies. The role of Mar Gregory Karotemprel CMI, towards establishing and pioneering the Syro Malabar Dalit Vikas Society (SDVS) is sincerely acknowledged.

Need and Scope of SDVS

It is very important that the Dalit students excel in their professional studies to keep up with the ever-evolving competitive world. Primary education can be mostly gained with the support of government schemes and society. But excelling in professional studies and getting a good job is very important towards the empowerment of the Dalit Community.

The purpose of SDVS is to identify, monitor and financially support the Dalit students to do well in their professional studies that would eventually empower the Dalit community.

SDVS at the service of the Dalit Christians

Mar Gregory Karotemprel CMI lead pioneering works of the newborn Syro Malabar Dalit Viaks Society (SDVS) along with Fr Joseph Pulavelil MST as the secretary and Sr Aruna CSN as the office in charge. Syro Malabar Synod is very much interested in the activities of the SDVS and appreciates and support its efforts.

SDVS takes the assistance of Diocesan level organisations like DCMS to develop its network and carry out the mission. DCMS helps SDVS to identify worthy students, process and distribute the scholarships, monitor the progress in academics, identify well-wishers who can support the cause etc.

SDVS in its first year of inception, 2017, mobilised funds and supported 13 Dalit students. In the year 2018, the number has sharply increased to 73. In its direct interaction with the Dalit community and also likeminded organisations, SDVS has identified hundreds of Dalit Students who are deprived of their higher studies just for the reason of financial limitation. SDVS is in search of more well-wishers who can assist this noble endeavour that empowers the marginalised group of our society.

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