It is the first time a book is published on different aspects of Church Public Relations. PR is a new Missiological approach to proclaim the Word of God. The Book CHURCH PUBLIC RELATIONS: A Missiological Review is written by Fr. Anand Muttungal, a well know Public Relations Officer of the Catholic Church from Madhya Pradesh. The book deals with media, communication, public relations etc. A very useful guide for persons involved in education, social apostolate, communication, human right activities, parish ministries and students. The book costs rupees 240/- and it has 261 pages. You can place and order for the book, we will post you. IMPORTANT HIGH LIGHTS FROM THE BOOK SKILLS FOR A PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER PUBLIC RELATION THROUGH MASS MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS CREATING AN EFFECTIVE COMMUINICATION PUBLIC RELATIONS IN ACTUAL SENSE COMMUNICATION AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT, DEVELOPING A NET-WORK WITHIN AND OUT SIDE THE CHURCH INDIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE MEDIA AND MASS COMMUNICATION MEDIA SCANNING IN PRACTICE PUBLIC RELATIONS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN INDIA ACTION AGAINST THE PRESS HOW TO PREPARE A COMPLAINT FUNCTIONING OF THE GOVERNMENT, POLICE ADMINISTRATION, JUDICIARY, etc.

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