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In 1961 the diocese of Indore purchased land khasra No. 739, 741, 742…..752 which were duly mutated in the name of The Diocese of Ujjain. From 1961, we have been asserting unchallenged ownership of the land till date.
In the year 1971, The Diocese of Ujjain constructed Pushpa Mission Hospital & Maternity Home and enclosed the area of 5.266 hectares, by barbed wire fencing, duly approved by the Ujjain Nagar Nigam. On the Western side, a piece of land between the hospital boundary wall and the Panchampura road belongs to the UMC and is open area. The UMC has permitted the Diocese of Ujjain/ Pushpa Mission Hospital to plant trees on it.  It is pertinent to mention that this land is already under tender by Municipal Commission for development of the road and construction of a foot path.
In 2006 the mutation application of  Mr. Neelam Singh was rejected by the authorities. However, in 2015, he managed to get the already under tender land of UMC mutated in his name. 
On 24th January 2018, demarcation notice of land survey 737/1/1min2 0.038 hectares was issued by the Tehsildar Ujjain for the demarcation to be carried out on 27th January 2018. This land is being claimed by Neelam Singh and Gagan Singh.  It is pertinent to mention that the demarcation notice, though dated 24th January 2018, was served to us on 27th January 2018 itself, and though we protested, the demarcation was carried out without our say in  it. The outcome of this demarcation was that the land in possession of the Diocese for the last 57 years, hitherto to absolutely challenged, and unclaimed was suddenly made to appear as the hospital’s encroachment on the supposedly owned land of Neelam Singh s/o Ram Lal.
Breach of law and order
After creating disturbance on 27th Jan, on 28th January 2018 too, a mob of rowdy people, appeared outside the hospital, shouting and misbehaving and disturbing a sensitive area like a functional hospital and even prevented the ambulances carrying critically ill patients from entering the hospital premises. The rowdy mob, headed by Gagan Singh S/o Neelam Singh, dug out a trench and fenced some portion of the open UMC land along the road side. 
Claiming the land (unclaimed and unchallenged for 57 years) within the boundary wall of the hospital, they also tried to demolish the boundary wall of the hospital. It is pertinent to point out the map in possession of the Diocese for the last 57 years and also on records of the Tehsildar had suddenly assumed a different shape in the map now being produced.
The hospital authorities called the Police and the mob was dispersed, albeit, with threats to come again to take forcible possession of the land within the boundary wall as well as that outside.
The Diocese of Ujjain/ Pushpa Mission hospital made written complaints to the police and also approached relevant government authorities for protection against such atrocities and bullying.  
On 30th January 2018 around 4:00 pm, the law and order of the area was severely disturbed by Gagan Singh s/o Neelam Singh’s goons who turned up in large number, shouting and abusing The Diocese of Ujjain at the top of their voices. They had also brought trucks with kiosks (gumptees) and 4-5 dumpers to demolish the boundary wall of the hospital. While waiting for the police, the priests of The Diocese of Ujjain as well as the hospital staff were forced to come out and defend their land and protect the in-house patients. They formed a peaceful human chain along the boundary wall. 
On discussion, Gagan Singh and his goons conned the hospital authorities by stating that the dumpers and trucks full of construction material should be allowed to move across the hospital gate as they are leaving. The hospital staff moved back and made way for the dumpers. However, as soon as they passed the hospital gate, the loaded vehicles were put into reverse gear and tried to run over the staff in an attempt to enter the hospital premises. A few staff members also sustained injuries from the dumpers. At that point of time somebody started stone pelting which dispersed the mob. This was the stage when the police, who had already been informed well in time, turned up and took charge and were there throughout the intervening night of 30th and 31st January 2018.
On 12th March 2018, at around 9:00am, Gagan singh and his gundas crossed all limits of  humanity and decency.  They entered with two JCB machines and broke down the boundary wall of the hospital. They did not stop at harming the property but were shameless and ruthless in abusing the lady staff, and nuns, in the filthiest language possible and also assaulted them physically. The hospital entry for the ambulance and ICU was blocked, the boundary wall was broken down, the water supply, and electricity were cut off abruptly and four cctv cameras were broken. They have encroached 10 to 20 feet beyond the land they are claiming.
Irreparable damage to human life
The main gate through which the ambulance operates has been blocked, thereby preventing critically ill patients to reach medical help. 
The high tension electric supply tower, transformer and generator have been made dysfunctional. This has immediately put the life of the ICU patients, in acute danger as the life support systems have instantly come to a stand-still.
The entire stock of blood in the blood bank has gone waste due to lack of electric supply maintaining appropriate temperature.  This has not only directly put the patients requiring blood in acute life crisis but also broken the trust of the blood donors who gave something as invaluable as their own blood to save the life of someone else. 
It is pertinent to mention that this unlawful harassment and disrupting the services of a functional hospital has been going on inspite of the matter already being heard in the court of law. 
Gagan and his goons deliberately chose a day when the Hon’ble Governor is in Ujjain and the entire police and administrative force is busy due to which none of them arrived at the site to protect the helpless common public, patients and their scared relatives. 
Legal remedy sought by the hospital authorities
The Pushpa Mission Hospital had filed a writ petition in the High Court of M.P., requesting for stay against Gagan Singh, s/o Neelam Singh, on 30th Jan 2018. An interim stay granted for three days was vacated on 5th Feb 2018.
Thereafter, on 8th Feb, the hospital authorities filed a case for permanent injunction against Neelam Singh in the court of V Civil Judge Class II, seeking temporary injunction till the final order of permanent injunction was passed by the Hon’ble court. On the same day, the court gave an interim order of maintaining Status quo to both the parties. However, Neelam Singh and party disrespected the court order and planted kiosks (gumptees) on the subjudice land.
Present status of cases
An interim order was passed by the Hon’ble court rejecting the application of temporary stay against Neelam Singh and the proceedings for permanent stay are still on in the court.
The hospital authorities have filed a case of contempt of court against Neelam Singh for forcibly breaking into the hospital premises while the order for status quo had been issued by the Hon’ble court. 
An appeal against the above interim order has been submitted in the District Court.
It is earnestly pleaded that a law abiding, peace loving minority group should be given protection for the sensitive place providing emergency life saving services like Pushpa Mission Hospital. 
It is also pleaded that Gagan and his goons and their gumptees should be cleared off from the gate thereby restoring ambulance service. 
The power and water supply including the generator services should be immediately restored. It is a matter of grave concern as the lives of hundreds of patients is at stake. Gagan Singh and  Neelam Singh shall be responsible for any casualties occurring due to this forceful, unlawful power and water cut. 
It is also pleaded that such incident which has shamed the very essence of humanity should be lawfully prevented in future.

Source: Ujjain Diocese


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