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The Working Document of the FABC XI Assembly entitled “The Asian Catholic Family: Domestic Church of the Poor on a Mission of Mercy” is a theological as well as programmatic text that the Church in Asia will receive with great evangelical enthusiasm. Congratulations to all those were involved in the drafting of this text. A couple of months back all Syro-Malabar bishops and the representatives of priests, religious and laity from across the world (490 participants), gathered for our global Church’s quinquennial assembly. One of the themes we discussed was family-witness. While working through the assembly sessions we got a powerful insight into the thick interconnection between family life ad intra and family’s mission ad extra. We found out that practicing Christian families are also missionary families that bear witness to the Gospel of mercy. Indeed, God, who is calling men and women to marriage in order to build up family, is in fact calling them to experience first in their own personal life, and then show to others, God’s love and mercy. Therefore, experience of love and mercy in the family is the wellspring of family’s mission of mercy. It is in this light that the Syro-Malabar Church understands and responds to the problems and possibilities presented in the document under discussion. 

Source: SMCIM


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