Mar Jose Pulikal as the Bishop of Kanjirapplaay and Fr. Peter Kochupurackal as the Aux.Bishop of Palghat.::Syro Malabar News Updates Mar Jose Pulikal as the Bishop of Kanjirapplaay and Fr. Peter Kochupurackal as the Aux.Bishop of Palghat.

The first meeting of the twenty-eighth Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church elected Mar Jose Pulikal as the Bishop of Kanjirappally and Fr. Peter Kochupurackal as the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Palghat. Cardinal Mar George Alencherry, the Head and Father of the Syro-Malabar Church signed the declaration of the new appointments after receiving the authorization from Holy Father Pope Francis. The official proclamation of these appointments was done on Jan.15th at noon at the Vatican and at 4.30 p.m. at Mount St.Thomas, Kakkanad, the Major Archiepiscopal Curia of the Syro-Malabar Church. These new appointments were announced at the end of the Synodal meeting that lasted for the last five days.
Fifty-eight Bishops, invited guests, priests, the religious and the laity were present at the meeting when the announcements were made at the conclusion of the Synod. Very Rev.Fr.Vincent Cheruvathoor, the Chancellor read the proclamation of the new appointments. Major Archbishop Mar George Alencherry and the retiring Bishop Mar Mathew Arackal congratulated Mar Jose Pulickal and presented him with a bouquet of flowers. Fr. Peter Kochuparampil, the new auxiliary bishop of Palghat was vested with the insignia of the Bishop by the Major Archbishop and by Mar Jacob Manathodath, the Bishop of Palghat.  Afterwards, all the bishops, the priests, the religious, sisters and the laity who were present at the meeting greeted the new bishops.
It was when Mar Mathew Arackal, the Bishop of Kanjirappally rendered his resignation after reaching the age of 75, the canonical age of retirement, that Mar Jose Pulikal was elected the bishop of the Eparchy after completing all canonical procedures. It was on Feb.9, 2001 that Mar Mathew Arackal was appointed the Bishop of Kanjirappally. Mar Mathew Arackal is retiring after 18 years of illustrious service for the Eparchy during which time he raised the Eparchy to a greater state of excellence through various projects and programmes for development and growth. The new Auxiliary Bishop of Palghat was chosen at the specific request of Mar Jacob Manathodath, the bishop of Palghat. The dates of the installation of Mar Jose Pulikal as the bishop of Kanjirappally and of the consecration of Fr. Peter Kochupurkal as the Auxiliary Bishop of Palghat  will be intimated later.
Mar Jose Pulikal, the only son of Antony and Mariamma was born on March 3, 1964, at Inchiyani, Kanjirappally. After finishing his high school and pre-degree studies, he joined the Minor Seminary at Kanjirappally. He completed his priestly studies at St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor, Kottayam and was ordained a priest by Mar Mathew Vattakuzhy on Jan.1,1991. After a few years of pastoral ministry, he joined the Dharmaram College, Bangalore for his doctoral degree in Biblical studies. After his doctoral studies, he worked for a brief period at the House of Love, Vettikad. Then he worked as the Director of Faith Formation, Director of Mission League, Forane Vicar and later as the Syncellus for the Pathanamthitta region. He was appointed the Auxiliary Bishop of Kanjirappally on Feb.4, 2016.
Mar Jose Pulikal is a reputed speaker, author and a retreat preacher. As the only son of his parents, he handed over his house and property to be used as a rescue home for children under the name, “The House of Love”, while his parents were alive. Mar Jose Pulikal is assuming the office of the Bishop of Kanjirappally as its fourth Bishop.
Fr. Peter Kochupurackal who was elected as the Auxiliary Bishop of Palghat was born in 1964 at Marangoly, Pala. After his high school studies, he joined the minor seminary of the diocese of Palghat. He did his priestly studies at St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye and was ordained a priest by Bishop Mar Joseph Pallikaparampil. After a few years of pastoral ministry in different parishes and institutions, he joined the Oriental Institute in Rome for his doctoral degree in Canon law.
After his return from Rome, he worked as a vicar in different parishes, and later, as the Rector of the Minor Seminary and as the Judicial Vicar of the Eparchy. At present, he is working as the Chancellor and Syncellus in charge of the Religious and Seminarians. He is the first Auxiliary Bishop of Palghat that was established in 1974. He is well known as a canonist and as an eloquent speaker. He is conversant in many languages including English, Italian and German.
Bishop Joseph Pamplany
Chairman, Syro-Malabar Media Commission

Source: SM Media Commission


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