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09-November,2018 Source: Reuters

LISBON (Reuters) - Priests should get online if they want to connect with people who may no longer attend church but can still be reached via social media, the Vatican’s digital expert said on Tuesday.   Monsignor Paul Tighe, who helped develop Pope Francis’ online presence, urged Catholic clergy across the world to embrace social media to reach believers and non-believers.   “Young people are, unfortunately, less present in our churches,” Tighe, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture, told Reuters on Tuesday at a technology conference in Lisbon.   “Social media is a mechanis
05-September,2016 Source:

ഭാരതത്തിന്‍റെ അഭിമാനമായ കരുണയുടെ മാലാഖ മദര്‍ തെരേസയെ വിശുദ്ധയായി കത്തോലിക്കാസഭയുടെ തലവനായ ഫ്രാന്‍സിസ് മാര്‍പാപ്പ പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ചു. വത്തിക്കാനിലെ സെന്‍റ് പീറ്റേഴ്സ് ചത്വ രത്തില്‍ ഇന്നലെ രാവിലെ പ്രാദേശിക സമയം 10.30ന് സാര്‍വത്രികസഭയിലെ
06-October,2018 Source: sundayshalom

സാധാരണം, പക്ഷേ, അസാധാരണം- ഒക്‌ടോബർ മൂന്നുമുതൽ 28വരെ വത്തിക്കാൻ വേദിയാകുന്ന 15-ാമത് സാധാരണ സിനഡ് സമ്മേളനത്തിന് മാധ്യമങ്ങളും നിരീക്ഷകരും നൽകിയിരിക്കുന്ന വിശേഷണമാണിത്. സാധാരണം (ഓർഡിനറി), അസാധാരണം (എക്‌സ്ട്രാ ഓർഡിനറി), പ്രത്യേകം (സ്‌പെഷൽ) എന്ന
05-October,2018 Source:

വ​​​​ത്തി​​​​ക്കാ​​​​ൻ സി​​​​റ്റി: ഇ​​​​ന്തോ​​​​നേ​​​​ഷ്യ​​​​യി​​​​ലെ സു​​​​ല​​​​വേ​​​​സി പ്ര​​​​വി​​​​ശ്യ​​​​യി​​​​ൽ ഭൂ​​​​ക​​​​ന്പ​​​​ത്തി​​​​നും സു​​​​നാ​​​​മി​​​​ക്കും ഇ​​​​ര​​​​യാ​​​​യ​​​​വ​​​​രെ സ​​​​ഹാ​​​​യി​​​​ക്കാ
17-April,2018 Source:

Vatican City - Pope Francis has approved the advancement of the causes of eight Servants of God, all priests and religious, including Fr. Varghese Payyappilly of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, based in Kerala, India.   The pope met with the prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Angelo Amato, April 14, giving his approval for eight Servants of God to be recognized as ‘Venerable.’   One of these causes was Fr. Varghese Payyappilly Palakkappilly, who was born in Perumanoor, India on Aug. 8, 1876.   Fr. Payyappilly was a priest for the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, which is a ch
08-April,2018 Source:

Vatican City :- On the Second Sunday of Easter, also known as Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis said that our relationship with God is a personal one, filled with his love and mercy, where we proclaim like St. Thomas: “My Lord and my God!” “To enter into Jesus’ wounds is to contemplate the boundless love flowing from his heart. It is to realize that his heart beats for me, for you, for each one of us,” the pope said April 8. “Just like in a love story, we say to God: ‘You became man for me, you died and rose for me and thus you are not only God; you are my God, you are my life. In you I have fou
01-April,2018 Source: catholicnewsagency

Vatican City :- At the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday, Pope Francis said the announcement of Christ’s resurrection was the greatest message in history, one that broke the silence of his death and gave us hope in the dark. The hours following Christ’s passion “are the hours when the disciple stands speechless in pain at the death of Jesus. What words can be spoken at such a moment?” the Pope said March 31. This “silent night” is the same night we, his disciples, experience today, he continued, but amid this silence comes “the greatest message that history has every heard: ‘He is not here, fo
01-April,2018 Source:

വ​​​ത്തി​​​ക്കാ​​​ൻ​​​സി​​​റ്റി: ന​​​ര​​​കം ഇ​​​ല്ലെ​​​ന്നു ഫ്രാ​​​ൻ​​​സി​​​സ് മാ​​​ർ​​​പാ​​​പ്പ പ​​​റ​​​ഞ്ഞ​​​താ​​​യി ഒ​​​രു ഇ​​​റ്റാ​​​ലി​​​യ​​​ൻ പ്ര​​​സി​​​ദ്ധീ​​​ക​​​ര​​​ണ​​​ത്തി​​​ൽ വ​​​ന്ന റി​​​പ്പോ​​​ർ​​​ട്ട് ശ​​​രി​​
11-March,2018 Source: catholicnewsagency

Vatican City:- On Sunday Pope Francis said that to be a Christian isn't easy, but means having faith and striving to live a moral life even when it's hard, trusting in God and his love during moments of weakness and anxiety. “Christianity doesn't offer easy consolations, it's not a shortcut, but requires faith and a healthy moral life which rejects evil, selfishness and corruption,” the Pope said March 11. A faithful and moral life, he said, “gives us the true and great hope in God the Father, rich in mercy, who has given us his only son, thus revealing to us his immense love.” Pope Francis spok
08-March,2018 Source:

വ​ത്തി​ക്കാ​ൻ സി​റ്റി: വാ​ഴ്ത്ത​പ്പെ​ട്ട പോ​ൾ ആ​റാ​മ​ൻ മാ​ർ​പാ​പ്പ​യും ര​ക്ത​സാ​ക്ഷി​യാ​യ ആ​ർ​ച്ച്ബി​ഷ​പ് അ​ർ​നു​ൾ​ഫോ ഓസ്കർ റൊ​മേ​റോ​യും ഈ ​വ​ർ​ഷം വി​ശു​ദ്ധപ​ദ​വി​യി​ലേ​ക്ക്. ഇ​വ​രു​ടെ നാ​മ​ക​ര​ണ​ത്തി​നു​ള്ള ഡി​ക്രി ഫ്രാ​ൻ​സി​സ്

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