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ഡ​​​​ബ്ലി​​​​ൻ: യാ​​​ഥാ​​​ർ​​​ഥ്യ​​​ത്തി​​​ൽ നി​​​ന്ന് ജ​​​ന​​​ങ്ങ​​​ളെ അ​​​ക​​​റ്റു​​​ന്ന സ​​​മൂ​​​ഹ​​​മാ​​​ധ്യ​​​മ​​​ങ്ങ​​​ളു​​​ടെ ഉ​​​പ​​​യോ​​​ഗം കു​​​റ​​​ച്ച് കു​​​ടും​​​ബ​​​ത്തോ​​​ടൊ​​​പ്പം കൂ​​​ടു​​​ത​​​ൽ സ​​​മ​​​യം ചെ
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Vatican City :- On Easter morning Pope Francis said God's announcement to his people always comes as a surprise, like the shock of the disciples who found Jesus' tomb empty after his resurrection, and told Christians not to waste time responding to the good news they've been given. “The announcements of God are always a surprise, because ours is a God of surprises,” the Pope said April 1, on Easter morning. “From the beginning of the history of salvation, from Abraham, who God tells to 'go, get up and go to the land I send you to,' there's always one surprise after another.” “God doe
31-March,2018 Source: catholicnewsagency

Vatican City:- Papal preacher Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa dedicated his Good Friday homily to young people, comparing them to the apostle John and urging them to have the courage to go in the opposite direction of the selfishness of the world, running instead toward the sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross. In his March 30 homily, Cantalamessa said modern society has come “under the dominion of Satan and sin,” and has been taken over by what St. Paul in his Letter to the Ephesians called the “spirit of the air.” Cantalamessa said the phrase takes on a literal meaning today, because this spirit “spreads itsel
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Vatican City, Feb 27, 2018 / 03:22 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- During the penitential season of Lent, Pope Francis pointed to confession as the means to true conversion, saying the faithful should approach the sacrament with trust and confidence.   “The Lord says, ‘Come now, let us reason together, let’s talk for awhile.’ He doesn’t frighten us,” said Pope Francis during Mass on Feb. 27 at the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta.   “Let us thank the Lord for His goodness. He does not want to beat us and condemn us. He gave His life for us and this is His goodness,” the Holy Father cont
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Lent is a time to face our temptations and be converted by the Gospel, Pope Francis said in his Angelus address on the first Sunday of Lent.   His reflections were based on the passage in the Gospel of Mark, when Jesus is tempted by Satan in the desert for 40 days.   Jesus goes into the desert to prepare for his mission on earth, the Pope said.   While Jesus has no need of conversion himself, he must go to the desert out of obedience to God the Father and "for us, to give us the grace to overcome temptation."   “For us, too, Lent is a time of spiritual ‘training’, of spiritual
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ഫ്രാന്‍സിലെ നീസ് നഗരത്തിലുണ്ടായ ഭീകരാക്രമണത്തെ പാപ്പാ ഫ്രാന്‍സിസ് അപലപിച്ചു. ജൂലൈ 15-ാം തിയതി വെള്ളിയാഴ്ച രാവിലെ വത്തിക്കാനില്‍നിന്നും നീസിന്‍റെ രൂപതാ മെത്രാന്‍, അന്ത്രെ മര്‍സ്യൂവിന് അയച്ച ടെലിഗ്രാം സന്ദേശത്തിലൂടെയാണ് തീരദേശ നഗരമാ
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വ​​​​ത്തി​​​​ക്കാ​​​​ൻ സി​​​​റ്റി: ഗ​​​​ർ​​​​ഭ​​​​ച്ഛി​​​​ദ്രം ജീ​​​​വ​​​​നെ ഇ​​​​ല്ലാ​​​​താ​​​​ക്കാ​​​​ൻ വാ​​​​ട​​​​ക​​​​ക്കൊ​​​​ല​​​​യാ​​​​ളി​​​​യെ ആ​​​​ശ്ര​​​​യി​​​​ക്കു​​​​ന്ന​​​​തി​​​​നു തു​​​​ല്യ​​​​മാ​​​​ണെ​​​​ന്ന്
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വ​​​​ത്തി​​​​ക്കാ​​​​ൻ സി​​​​റ്റി: ന​​​ല്ല​​​ ലോ​​​കം സൃ​​​ഷ്ടി​​​ക്കാ​​​ൻ യു​​​വാ​​​ക്ക​​​ളു​​​ടെ വാ​​​ക്കു​​​ക​​​ൾ​​​ക്ക് ചെ​​​വി​​​യോ​​​ർ​​​ക്ക​​​ണ​​​മെ​​​ന്ന് ഫ്രാ​​​ൻ​​​സി​​​സ് മാ​​​ർ​​​പാ​​​പ്പ. യു​​​വ​​​ജ​​​ന​​​ങ്ങ​​​
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Vatican City- Pope Francis advised Sunday that we be open to the good, regardless of whether it comes from someone outside our own “circle”.   The pope reflected Sept. 30 on the day’s Gospel, in which Christ taught his disciples humility and to avoid scandal. He was delivering the Angelus address in St. Peter’s Square.   When the disciples objected to someone outside their group casting out a demon, Pope Francis said they “demonstrate a closed attitude before an event that does not fit into their schemes, in this case the action, though good, of a person ‘external’ to the circle of

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