Syro-Malabar Church Internet Mission (SMCIM)

Governing Body

Mar Jose Pandarasseril


Mar Thomas Tharayil

Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Seby Kolangara

Executive Director of SMCIM

Rev. Dr. Vincent Cheruvathoor

Major Archiepiscopal Chancellor

Rev. Fr. Joseph Tholanickal 

Curia Finance Officer

Official Website:

Syro-Malabar Church Internet Mission (SMCIM) was started as per the decision of the XIV Synod of Bishops of the Syro-Malabar Church in August 2006. The project aims at connecting all the Syro-Malabar dioceses (34), Apostolic Visitations (2), Apostolic Exarchate (1), religious congregations (57), institutions (), parishes (3500), families (9 lakh) and members (37 lakh) through internet based services like portals, websites, data bank services, online facilities, social networking and pastoral care, with the help of modern information technology. It provides internet based services to all dioceses, institutions, parishes and the parish communities at a minimal cost.

The services provided by SMCIM:

  1. Network the Syro-Malabar dioceses, parishes, institutions worldwide
  2. Web portal for Syro-Malabar Church for news and information sharing and interaction
  3. Websites for dioceses, parishes and institutions and link them through the portal
  4. A comprehensive data bank and library of information on Syro-Malabar Church
  5. Online courses, discussion forums, pastoral assistance
  6. Syro-Malabar and Catholic News service
  7. Syro-Malabar Matrimony is the web portal of the Syro-Malabar Church. The portal website,, was inaugurated on August 21, 2010 at Mount St. Thomas Kakkanad, in the presence of Bishops and Major superiors of religious congregations. SMCIM has designed and operate the websites of the Major Archiepiscopal Curia, Major Archbishop and several diocesan and congregational sites and hundreds of parish and institutional sites.

SMCIM: Vision

  • Syro-Malabar Church affirms the importance of social communications in the life and mission of the Church and that the "media are gifts of God for humanity" (IM1) and they are in "accordance with His design to unite people in fellowship" (CP2). The SMC is fully aware that the new information and communication technologies enable people to relate and communicate with each other in an instant even when separated by long distances
  • SMC wants to participate in the new opportunities created by media and information technology to reach all people, especially her own faithful all over the world, in order to share the Good News effectively and to establish the kingdom of God. By the powerful medium of the internet, websites and social networking, the Major Archbishop, Bishops, priests and all pastoral personnel want to reach out to every faithful. It also provides opportunities for the faithful to get in touch with their shepherds and leaders.
  • Through the Internet mission and the websites all the offices and centres, dioceses and parishes, congregations and institutions shall strive to fulfill and uphold the principles and values of Christian communication in pursuance of the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the world.

SMCIM: Mission Statement

The SMCIM portal and other related websites are online presence of the SMC. The mission of SMCIM is:
  1. To build a community of communities of all people in the Spirit of Jesus Christ through Social Communications.
  2. To serve as a source of information, formation and education regarding the SMC.
  3. To help the Bishops, priests and all pastoral personnel to reach out to all faithful
  4. To enable the faithful to relate to their shepherds and pastors in all pastoral needs.
  5. To provide updated, relevant news and information on the SMC community.
  6. Disseminate and promote activities, news and events, documents and messages as well as issues related to the SMC and its various constituent bodies.
  7. To communicate the public position of the SMC on various moral, ethical, doctrinal, socio-political, cultural issues.
  8. To communicate Church related news and events of international, national, regional and local nature.
  9. To assist visitors draw guidance and inspiration based on the values of the Gospel and Catholic teachings.
  10. To foster religious and Christian values, harmony and peace.

SMCIM Management: About Us

The Project is implemented by the Major Archiepiscopal Curia of the Syro-Malabar Church and supported by all the dioceses and religious congregations of the Syro-Malabar Church. The project is supervised by a Governing Body. The project is implemented by the Executive Director and his staff.

Governing Body
  • Bishop Mar Jose Pandarasseril (Chairman)
  • Rev. Fr. Seby Kolangara(Executive Director of SMCIM)
  • Rev. Dr. Vincent Cheruvathoor (Curia Chancellor)
  • Rev. Fr. Joseph Tholanickal (Curia Finance Officer)

Project Management
Rev. Fr. Seby Kolangara (Executive Director of SMCIM)

SMCIM Main Office
Mount St Thomas, P.B. No. 3110, Kakkanad P.O.,
Kochi 682 030, India
Tel. 0484-2425649, 9072335649

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